Rythm & Seasons

“One cannot understand the rhythms and meanings of the outer world until one has mastered the dialects of the body”

Timothy Leary

Everything that flows moves in rhythm with moon. She rules the water element on earth. She pulls on the ocean’s tides, the weather, female reproductive cycles, and the life fluids in plants animals and people.

She influences the underground currents in Earth energy, the mood swings of mind, body, behaviour and emotion. The moon’s phases reflect her dance with Sun and Earth, her closest relatives in the sky. Together, these three heavenly bodies weave the web of light and dark into our lives.

The cosmic dance between sun and moon, electric and magnetic forces create a rhythm of life, a circular breath between living and dying, darkness and light – embodied in seasons on our planet.

The art or magic as human beings is not to fight but align with the tides and life flows, so that we are not manipulated by the phases of the moon, natural rhythms and seasons.


My approach to working with people is always treating them as being whole. Because I believe that all we need already is inside or temporarily outside, ready to being used.

Movement is a key point here. Because every thing alive is moving. Once it stops, it dies. So by moving the body and using the breath we can easily detect imbalances of either layer of the human system.

What is weak or cannot be moved at all refers to the area of imbalance or dis-ease and shows the way for treatment.

“A map is good at three things: showing you where you came from, where you are, and where you might be headed. […]”

The mapping work consists of moving, aligning, listening and identifying to interconnect all parts. By mirroring and guiding into that ever existing self healing capacity I am helping to bring back the awareness of wholeness and understanding inner signals as personal healing maps.

By connecting the blind spots and repairing the broken roads, we will plan and create your unique journey to thrive.


Is finding and using the tools and missing pieces either inside or outside.

My medicine is who I am and how I became the person I am today. My medicine is adapting and using the natural forces of change.

The ancient wisdom of Ayurveda (ayur =study, ved=life) taught me how we depend on the rhythms and flows of life and nature, and how we are affected by the elements which we all find reflected within us. Whenever one part gets out of balance, synchronising with the other becomes a healing practice of trusting and flowing with life itself. The term medicine for me encompasses all the tools of nutrition, self-care and ritual I use for healing and balancing.

& words

Wyrd (:wɪəd) derives from many root words that all mean something along „growing into, becoming, turning“. Northern mythology describes the wyrd as a web of fate, interconnection and creation in a transpersonal pattern.
Woven by three sisters (the „norns“: personifying past, present and future) who sit underneath the world tree Yggdrasil, they create fate and reality in the world by braiding their time strings into one.

Inspired by this creation story and the double meaning of the word wyrd as something weird or otherworldly, wyrd movements is my approach to consciously living in connection. Ever becoming and constantly being in motion with and through the patterns of life.
It holds the power to understand, unwind and co-weave our own fate by spinning time into our texture and skin. Being able to see and feel the tissues and webs of the body as story and (already) woven net of life, is both practical and magical.

Along with this comes the potency of weaving words. Because words create worlds, that move hearts which move limbs.

Body Wisdom

Experiencing life through the senses makes us sensual beings. The body talks, listens and holds as well as transforms experiences into a full-body-sense. There is more wisdom in our bodies than in our deepest philosophy.
And yes, we are not only the body, but only through the body we can live and feel this human life.
So talking with the body as a dialogue, rather than to the body as a separate thing, is key. It allows us to embody and create our life’s story through us rather than being a victim and passive passenger in it.

A body is a form, a vessel, a vehicle, a story and magical treasure box that gets inspired, informed, touched or envisioned by something. Once that is ready to be seen – it takes shape, lives and breathes to connect on a felt sense with the world and ourselves.

Body wisdom is radical responsibility, and moving our actions into lived out consiousness.



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