Tea & Talk

“Before there is talk there must be tea…”

We sit down, we have a tea together to build a foundation to have a real conversation.

When sitting and enjoying tea with full awareness, the action of drinking and tasting tea becomes ceremony.

Once completely focused on the moment and all its flavors, tea becomes art and works as a mirror for the mind to relax and empty until it gets as clear as the tea itself.

“Japanese tea ceremony is a blend of two principles, sabi and wabi. „Wabi“ represents the inner, or spiritual, experiences of human lives. Its original meaning indicated quiet or sober refinement, or subdued taste and celebrates the mellow beauty that time and care impart to materials. „Sabi,“ on the other hand, represents the outer, or material imperfection of life, also the original nature of things.”

With that so created “teamind” it becomes easy to see patterns and use the mind as blank canvas for mapping the way to full harmony.

First time it’s free and always in front of a cup of tea!



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