Your voice as a body

voice mapping
& Self expression

3 Months – transformational Coaching

Voice yourself, empower your life!!
This program addresses the intersection of body, voice, & communication to help you know & express the fullness of who you are

The quality of our voice profoundly mirrors the physiological patterning of our lives. Voice-work effectually makes room for our fullest, reinvigorated and clarified expression in the world.  

I work with the voice and tools to free, or re-anchor the voice to support your journey to self expression. On this journey I will help you to relax your vocal chords, change habitual patterns, remove obstacles. And even reprogram the mind through neurolinguistic techniques, forming new healthy muscle memories and most and foremost develop a loving relationship between your voice and you.

Abracadabra /ˌabrəkəˈdabrə/
(„I create as I speak“ )

It’s up to us to choose the life we want to live.
But sometimes that means uncovering what’s underneath the obvious. And learning how to play the instrument we’ve been given – our voice body.


„I help individuals connect with their bodies to mobilize authentic
self-expression and liberate possibility.“

In my 1:1 your VOICE AS A BODY program I work with clients to feel a spiritual & embodied connection to their voice through sound, speech & movement.
Unlike traditional voice trainings or singing lessons this program approaches voice as a gateway for healing, self expression, self understanding, & freedom!

Through processes of breath-work, somatic & vocal techniques, sound, gentle inquiry, & individualized ritual you will bridge the space between felt sense and free expression.


1. Voice Reading:
The sound & sensation of your voice – from volume to attack to speed – offers insight into your current state of being

2. Voice untangling:
Grounding the voice in the body and untangling fascial/muscular, emotional, mental tension to feel comfortable and in touch with the full volume and potential.

3. Tuning the instrument:

Tuning yourself, shaping the sound, setting boundaries, learning the tools, and working out your unique voice

4. orchestrating the individual
speech, song, poetry, written word, storytelling or communication skills to fulfill your self expression and strengthen your intuition

Topics & Tools::

Anatomy of voice
TCM & Ayurveda approach to the organs
Movement & Breathwork
Somatics & myofascial release
Relationship with yourself/others
Voice embodiment
Neuronal Reprogramming
Public speaking
Self talk
Tongue mojo
Poetry & wording
Toning (with yourself and the world)
Rhythm / speed
Silence & sound
Self expression

Body & Mind are interconnected. What the body experiences, the mind makes sense of.
What the mind believes, the body receives.
So we need to address both for making an overall change on a cellular level.

Other Programs
(Movement, Meditation, somatic touch or Breath Alchemy

can be included)

Both in person and/or online via Zoom

* incl. 25% Tax



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